People who have recently visited their local jewelers would probably have noticed that there are a large number of loose diamonds being sold in jewelry stores today. In the past it was very uncommon to find loose diamonds for sale at jewelry shops, as most diamonds would have already been set in a ring or other jewelry item by the time of their sale. Online shops such as, www.thediamondreserve.com, have also started selling large numbers of loose diamonds to independent clients all across the nation. Why are more diamond sellers offering loose diamonds, and why are more clients seeking them out? Here we are going to explore the major reasons behind the rise of the loose diamond market that exists today.

The leading cause for the sudden hike in loose diamond sales might be due to the fact that more people than ever before are cashing in on their family diamonds. The diamond market right now is offering a lot of cash for private owners that are willing to trade their diamonds in. In fact, due to recent trade issues with some of the world’s largest diamond producing countries, many large diamond dealers have started to buy up diamonds from private owners in record numbers, and there are even some cases in which large diamond companies count private owners as their leading source for diamonds. As large diamond companies start offering three or four times the price for diamonds than they had been offering just a few years back, the number of private sellers has skyrocketed. Of course, people usually keep the ring and other jewelry items from which they obtain their diamonds, so the amount of loose stones is at an all-time high. Companies will purchase the loose rocks and then have them certified by a respected diamond certification firm in order to get a better price on their return. GIA certified diamonds can fetch more than twice as much as non-certified stones, so it is well worth the trouble to have them certified.

There is yet another big reason why the number of loose diamonds has started to rise in recent years, and that is the fact that there are now more companies that make custom jewelry than ever before. It has become incredibly popular for people to first go shopping for the diamond that they want, and then to seek out a custom jewelry maker who will design the exact type of custom piece which the client seeks. For folks who are seeking custom jewelry with diamonds set in it, the best option is to buy loose stones for their custom jewelry designers to use. Purchasing loose stones is also a cheaper choice as agencies that purchase their own diamonds tend to have much higher costs in the end. Any jewelry designer that also had holdings of diamonds is going to be a more expensive option because they have to carry special insurance in order to protect their precious stones, as well as certification fees for diamonds which are required by law in some states.