Denver gyms have been offering more and more group training classes this year than ever before in their history. In fact, a recent study done by Colorado’s fitness association found that nearly half of all people in Colorado who work out, now work out in a group setting. As gyms struggle to offer enough classes to meet the demand for the group fitness craze, it is becoming apparent that the trend of fitness groups is only on the rise. Gym instructors for group classes are in such high demand that they recently came together to demand that the gyms higher their rates for the group classes, and the gyms accepted the request. In order to better understand the popularity of group training we are going to take a look at group training’s most popular features. Readers who wish to find out more information about actually joining a group fitness class can do so at online sites such as, www.matrixfitnessandspa.com.

People tend to be more motivated when they work in groups, and that is even truer when it comes to physical fitness activities. The number one reason why gyms are offering more group classes that ever is probably because the group setting gets people motivated to push their fitness to the next level. There have been numerous studies which suggest that people who work out in groups tend to work out more often and also to work out more intensely. In fact, the national fitness association recommends that anyone looking to step up their fitness training should consider joining a gym. People that opt to work out alone will have to deal with getting motivated to go and exercise without the help of other people to push them. It is always easier to put off going to the gym when you know that no one is going to know if you went or not but yourself. People that work out in groups of five or more individuals are almost twice as likely to stick to their workout routines as those who go to the gym alone. Gym memberships are often sold in group packages as a way to keep customers motivated and coming back to the gym.  Anyone who has experienced trouble getting motivated for their fitness plan on their own should give working out in a group a try.

Working out in groups has been clearly shown to be more effective, but it is also popular because it is more fun. Most of us like to do activities which are socially involved, so groups make working out more interesting for everyone. People that join fitness groups can sign up with a big group of friends, so the whole gang can go out and do fun stuff together after exercise. Likewise, people who want a chance to meet new people can join some random fitness group and meet new people as they get in shape. We all know that keeping up with exercise can be difficult, so anything that makes the task more fun is always welcome.