Understanding all about Cataracts and Cataract Surgery

When a person’s vision starts becoming blurry and hazy and his eyes start looking cloudy it indicates that that person is suffering from a cataract. This eye disease is when the lens of the eyes which is normal cleans starts to become opaque in cloudy which in turn reduces the quality of the person’s vision. The actual purpose of the lens is to help focus the incoming light onto your retina located at the back of the eye allowing you to see a clear crisp image without any blur and distortions. When one suffers from a cataract one’s vision becomes clouded and distorted which can only be solved through Cataract Surgery.

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The development of a cataract is something that usually happens with aging and the process is gradual. However, there are occasions where a cataract can develop quite rapidly. Usually cataracts affect both eyes of a person but it isn’t common wherein the cataract in one eye start developing faster than the other. When it comes to elderly people cataracts are quite common because as we mentioned, it is something that gradually develops with age.

There is no precise reason as to why cataracts develop but the most probable cause seems to be the changes in the protein structures inside the person’s lens which happens over time. During this change the lens start to become cloudy further developing into a cataract. It is possible for a cataract to be present at birth or develop among young children as a result of defects in their genes, complications in hereditary enzymes, or congenital infections although this is very rare. Cataracts can also be a result of severe eye trauma, intraocular inflammation, and in rare cases, eye surgery.

Millions of people around the world suffer from cataracts. Suffering from cataracts is actually quite bothersome as it puts you in difficulty in performing tasks that require good vision like reading or even driving. Sometimes you might even find yourself having a hard time trying to recognize faces. People who suffer from cataracts and feel that it has become quite hard have to undergo Cataract Surgery to have their eyes treated and regain clear vision.

People who wish to get their cataracts treated must see an ophthalmologist, an eye professional who works with cataracts. The basic idea about cataract surgery is removing the cataract which involves surgically removing the lens and replacing it with an artificial clear lens helping the patient see clearer again. Before one undergoes cataract surgery, the ophthalmologist must make the proper measurements and tests on your eye to determine the severity of the problem as well as properly determine the kind of artificial lens or intraocular lens that you should get.

During the surgical procedure you the patient will be awake the entire time and although that may seem quite unnerving you won’t actually really see everything that the ophthalmologist is doing and your eyes will also be numbed using eye drops. After undergoing Cataract Surgery you have to properly rest and avoid putting your eyes under any form of strain.