The first and most obvious indicator that an A/C unit needs repairs is that the home is not staying heated, even when the machine is running. Homeowners shouldn’t rely on the temperature readings on this heating unit when trying to determine if the heating system is not working. The temperature reader is often the most delicate piece of a heating unit, and the first one to stop working properly. The homeowner should first make sure that the home doesn’t have a place which is allowing the warm air to escape, which can often be the case. Checking all the old windows to make sure a draft is not creeping in is a good place to start. A lot of the home’s heat might also be escaping through the roof if the home’s protective attic material is outdated. Major heating repair sites such as, have a list of potential places through which a home’s heat could be escaping, and it is a good idea to read over this list and check it out, before deciding to call a repair professional in to examine the heating unit. If the homeowner doesn’t find any areas in the home which are allowing cold air in, or warm air out, the next step is to contact a heating repair service, as there is clearly something wrong with the unit. The sooner the call is made to a heating repair team, the better, as units which are running with problems are apt to develop more serious issues when they are allowed to go without repair for a longer period of time.

Another sure sign that a heating unit is going to require repairs is when the homeowner notices a sudden spike in the heating bill. Older heating units don’t have the sophisticated detection systems which tell their owner they are running poorly, which means an older unit will just work overtime in order to keep the home at the desired temperature. A/C repair professionals often discover that homeowners have had a heating unit working three or four times as much as it should have been working, due a simple faulty component which could have been replaced in just a few hours. The difference in heating bills between a unit which is running properly and one which has serious issues is huge. A homeowner’s heating bill could shoot up by two hundred percent if a machine is working improperly. As soon as the homeowner notices their heating bill going up, they had better call a repair man in fast; otherwise they might be spending hundreds of extra dollars on their heating needs.

Lastly, the simple fact that a heating unit is old could mean that it should be inspected by an A/C repair pro. Units which have been operating for more than ten years tend to develop some common problems which can easily be fixed if they are caught in time. Having an older unit checked out, even if it seems to be running tine, is a great way to avoid costly repairs in the future.