1. Many back specialists have actually started recommending that their patients visit a spa for massages and relaxation. While there is no mistaking the fact that there are some cases in which a serious back problem can only be treated with surgery or other medical means, but more and more doctors and back specialist have started to pay closer attention to the fact that many types of back pain are caused largely by stress. Clinics like now all there is to know about back problems, and they offer everything from back pain medication treatments all the way down to sciatica surgery. The big back pain clinics also know that a great many people that are suffering from back pain can benefit greatly from some relaxation. In a recent study conducted by the national congress for back pain, it was found that 4 out of every 10 back pain sufferers were able to benefit greatly from a simple weekly massage. When people start to get stressed out their muscles become very tense and that can be one of the biggest triggers for back pain of all. People are delighted when they go to the doctor for a back pain problem and are actually told by the doctor that what they need is just some rest and relaxation. While not all kinds of back pain can be helped with simple massages, or a little time in the hot tub, there is no denying that many people can be helped form those things alone.
  2. A small amount of electrical stimulation to the part of the back that is in pain is another method that is quickly gaining attention in the back pain treatment field. Patients and doctors alike will always prefer to avoid back pain surgery whenever possible, and while that is not always possible, some case are treated with alternative means. Using small electrical shocks to the back in pain has been proven to alleviate minor back problems in people that suffer from back problems due to tension and stress. Electricity pressed against a problem spot in the back is the equivalent of a deep tissue back massage, as it works to get down under the muscle and loosen the knots that may have been forming in the back. Using small electrical currents on back problems has also been proven to be safe, and most patients say that the sensation is a pleasant one.
  3. Long period in water are another means for fighting back pain that has started to become a favorite of people in search of less drastic ways to get rid of back pain than by surgery. Swimming or even spending time just relaxing in water is a great way to release stress from the muscles and stretch areas of the back that are usually not stretched. In fact, people that regularly spend time in the water have been shown less likely to even develop a back problem to start with. Once there is already some minor pain in the back or neck, a little pool time might help get rid of the problem.