The first group of people on our list of those who can most benefit from back pain surgery are the elderly. There is a terrible misconception out there today which causes older people to believe that their back pain is just part of growing old. While it is true that back issues become increasingly common as people get older, there is not truth in the idea that older people can’t benefit from the very same surgeries as anyone else. Losing mobility is one of the most difficult things that can happen to a person as they age, and in fact it may also be one of the most dangerous. Older folks that start to lose their mobility due to serious back problems are at higher risk for a number of serious issues. First of all, elderly people that are no longer able to move about freely might stop exercising, which can lead to a whole list of other medical issues which can cause serious problems for their general health. Furthermore, older people that suffer from lack of mobility can become depressed, stop eating and give up on the things which they most enjoy in life. Major back pain clinics such as,, perform thousands of back pain surgeries on elderly people each year. The amazing impact which a back operation can have on an elderly person is so amazing that family members and former patients often return to their treatment centers after their surgeries in order to thank the teams there for all the help they gave them. If you are an older person or if you know someone who is older and suffering from persistent back issues, a consultation with a back pain surgeon might change a life.

Another kind of back pain sufferer that has the world to gain from a back operation is the person who has been dealing with their back issues for years with medication. It is very sad how many people in this country are living with back pain year after year, with nothing more than a bottle full of pills to help them fight the pain. Doctors estimate that there are nearly two million people in the country today whose primary tool against back problems is pain medication. Not only is pain medication a solution which doesn’t eliminate the real problem which is causing the individual’s problems, the medication alone could be generating more health issues than it masks. Long-term use of pain medication has been linked to memory loss, liver damage and even addiction to medication. Any pain specialist will be quick to recommend patients get off medication as soon as possible. Back pain treatment which relies on surgery is the best possible way for people to get away from the burden of using pills to control their pain issues. The vast majority of patients that undergo a back operation are medication free within three months of their procedure. Anyone who is sick of controlling back pain instead of getting rid of it for good should talk with a back surgeon as soon as possible.