The Dos and Don’ts in Buying a Laptop Power Charger

Every time you buy a brand new laptop, a laptop charger comes with it and it should be able to last as long as the laptop computer itself. However, rarely is this the case. Any laptop owner knows how important the laptop charger and power adaptor is and makes sure to take good care of it. However, certain things can happen like losing the charger, or damaging it after running over it with one’s office chair. Without the laptop charger, how else can one sustain his laptop computer? Obviously one will want to look for a replacement as soon as possible in order to still be able to use one’s laptop.

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laptop power adapter

When looking for a replacement laptop charger, one should obviously try to find the best charger and if possible, the original charger. If you ever find yourself looking for a replacement laptop charger you will need to keep in mind certain dos and don’ts. Today, we are going to discuss those dos and don’ts so that you can find the ideal replacement charger.

1.) Don’t buy a universal laptop charger – In essence, there is really nothing wrong with universal chargers. The problem is that there are certain things universal chargers fail to give such as right voltage and amp output, proper fit, compatibility, power tips, their pricing, etc.

2.) Don’t buy a solar laptop charger – Solar chargers are efficient and eco friendly but their chargers are quite different from the original brand laptop charger. Though being through to be safe with all laptops, one cannot really determine how compatible they are for specific laptop units.

3.) Don’t buy a cheap laptop charger – You should always avoid purchasing laptop chargers which are cheaper than usual. This is because these most likely are composed of components of a much lower quality and are not durable and might even cause more problems for your laptop such as overheating.

4.) Don’t buy a laptop charger from another brand – If you buy a laptop charger from a laptop brand other than your own, then most likely that charger will not fit. In addition, it might even result in problems like improper voltage levels. Yes it is possible to find chargers compatible despite different brands but there really is not advantage with going for one other than the original laptop brand.

5.) Do pick the laptop charger recommended – When replacing a laptop charger you should as much as possible replace it with its own. You can find the recommended replacement laptop charger in the box of the old charger as well as the laptop’s underside.

6.) Do pick an OEM charger – One of the ideal laptop charger replacements would be an OEM or original equipment manufacturer. It is these types of laptop chargers that are specifically designed for the laptop unit and model.

7.) Do pick a Generic Charger (if not OEM) – If you are looking to buy a laptop charger that is not OEM, the best option would be to go for a generic one. With this, you can ensure that the charger will be compatible with your laptop.