Risk compliance is easier today thanks to technological advances.

http://healthaware.com/When most people hear the term risk compliance they don’t think about their health, but they should. People from all walks of life and various backgrounds engage in activities each day that greatly alter their risk for developing health issues later on in life. Some people engage in behaviors that mitigate risk, like eating lots of fruits and vegetables each day and exercising on a regular basis. Other people engage in behaviors and habits that put them at risk, like drinking lots of alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Of course, the vast majority of people engage in a little bit of both. There are people who eat lots of processed foods and drink lots of sugary drinks, but they also exercise on a regular basis and go to the doctor consistently. Health isn’t black and white, and the goal for most people is simply to engage in more healthy activities than they do unhealthy ones.

In terms of health, risk compliance is a term that refers to trying to engage in activities that are healthy and minimizing behaviors that aren’t. Of course, in order to comply with risks associated with your own personal health you first have to know what activities you’re doing that are bad for you. This means taking one of the many risk assessments out there to figure out if you have any behaviors that aren’t good for your health and how you can change them. You take a risk assessment where you lay out all of the things you do, i.e. what you eat, how often you exercise, how much alcohol you drink, etc., and then a medical professional looks over it. They assess where you might have some risk and then develop a plan with you to avoid those risks as much as possible.

This is where companies like HealthAware come in and really make things easier for people. HealthAware is a company that’s developed software and a program to make it easier for people to comply with the risk in their life. They work with companies, organizations, and even individuals to help them improve their health outcomes by promoting healthier behaviors and habits and avoiding riskier ones. What they do is they take the risk assessment that you’ve performed, look at the doctor’s recommendations, and then develop a program that will help you be healthier. If, for instance, you doctor tells you that you need to quit smoking, HealthAware will send you friendly reminders throughout the day and motivational quotes to encourage you not to smoke. If you need to drink less alcohol, they’ll shoot you a message to remind you to drink more water rather than alcohol. You wouldn’t think it, but simple little reminders like this throughout the day are often enough to help people comply with the risk in their life. All you have to do is look at various studies that show how effective such an approach can be to realize that programs like this are truly impacting health outcomes for large numbers of people across the country.