Right now, Colorado is leading the nation in ranch sales, with nearly one third of all of the ranch sales in the country having taken place in Colorado last year. While many parts of the country are just starting to experience a spike in the popularity of ranch homes, Colorado has never really stopped being a state in which ranches were a popular living alternative. Colorado is a state where ranch homes form all different eras can be found, from 1800’s cattle ranch estates, all the way to brand new ranch communities, right outside of the major urban areas of the state. Major national ranch dealers like, have hundreds of new listings from Colorado each month, and the properties are purchased just as soon as they hit the market. Other areas of the country have far fewer ranches to offer people, and consequently their ranch prices might be substantially higher. While there are a good many luxury ranches in Colorado, ranch homes are so common that they are mostly not even seen as being part of any specialty housing area. A good many people have come to Colorado during the last few years in order to buy their own ranch in the majestic Rocky Mountains, which give Colorado its fame. People in surrounding states are advised to give Colorado ranches for sale a look before deciding to settle in another state.

Texas is very close to Colorado in terms of having a very large ranching culture. As most people are aware, Texas is the state which has historically been the official cattle ranching sector of the country, so thousands of authentic ranches can be found all over the state. What is different between the ranches that are found in Texas and those from other states is that there are very few ranches in Texas that are not working ranches. Texas doesn’t have a culture of ranches being sold to people who just like the ranch style. There are however, Texas ranches for sale which are older, working ranches, which have been fixed up for buyers who are less interested in cattle than they are in good clean ranch living with plenty of comforts. If the national trend for ranch housing starts to become more prominent in Texas there will be plenty of ranch lands which can be converted into luxury properties for people on the market.

Arizona is an area which is starting to feel the ranching boom in a big way. While Arizona has not traditionally been a ranching state, it is a part of the country experiencing a huge influx in new residents. People are coming to Arizona to retire, study or just for the lovely dry heat that Arizona is famous for. Many housing construction companies in Arizona are creating ranching communities for all the new people that are arriving. Arizona is currently the state with the highest number of new ranches being built. By 2018 it is estimated that Arizona will overtake Colorado as the nation’s new ranch capital.