Landscape designers wear many hats

One of the things they never tell you when you first become a homeowner is how much extra work you are going to need to put into your lawn. As a renter, that task usually falls to the landlord or the homeowners association, but as an owner, all of that now falls directly on your shoulders. It may seem like no big deal at first, after all, you can certainly push a lawnmower, but the multitude of small tasks that need to be done to keep a lawn looking green and healthy are actually much more complex than many people realize until they are in that situation. That is why many homeowners utilize the services of a lawn care service. A lawn care service is more than just a company that mows your lawn once a week, they perform many small tasks for you. Here are a few examples of many of the services that you can utilize when you use a lawn care or landscaping Service:

  1. Lawn care and maintenance. Of course lawn maintenance is the most obvious service, but that does not make it any less important. Your lawn care service will mow your lawn and trim the hedges, pull weeds, prune bushes and trees as needed, and fertilize or aerate the lawn to promote healthy growth.
  2. Create a landscape design. If you want a lawn and garden area that you can truly enjoy and that is unique, but you are not quite sure where to start, then a landscape company can help you by surveying your property and creating a custom landscape design for you. This includes drafting a schematic and creating a 3D model in Auto Cad so that you can have a perfect picture of what your property will look like with the new design.
  3. Install your new landscape design. Once you approve the plans for your new yard, the landscape contractors can install your new design. This may include installing sprinkler systems, building retaining walls and raised garden beds, putting in a water feature, laying a flagstone pathway, building a patio or deck and much more.
  4. Repair and install an irrigation system. If you have a sprinkler system in place but you notice that part of your lawn is turning brown, then you likely have a break or a leak somewhere in the line. Many landscape companies, such as Taylormade Landscapes, have the ability to diagnose and repair any issues you are having. It may be that there is a flaw in the system and an area of the lawn is simply not receiving any water from the system. In that situation they would extend the sprinkler system to make sure that all parts of your lawn are getting adequate water.
  5. Creating a xeriscape yard. if you live in an area where water is at a premium, then perhaps a grass free yard is the way to go. Your landscaper can help create a water smart yard that utilizes much less water but is still attractive.