How to know when it is time for replacement doors

How often do you think about the doors that lead into and out of your home? It is probably not that often. However, as your home ages, so to do the front and back doors. While their primary job is to protect you and your family from unwanted intruders of the two, four, and six-legged variety, as well as from the weather, sometimes, age, along with weather and wear and tear, can lead to a need for replacement doors.

If your home gets cold at night and you are unsure as to why, check around your doors. When the seals around a door age, they can shrink and/or crack and this can lead to drafts which are a big sign that says door may need to go. The same is true if there are visible cracks in your doors. Not only can cracks allow in drafts, they can also let the bugs come right in and are generally an indication that the structural integrity of the door has been compromised. Plus, insects are not only annoying, they can cause damage and often carry germs with them.

Another way that your door tries to tell you that it needs to go is through the noises that it makes. If it squeaks or scrapes against the floor, then you need to look for a new one. While you can try and oil squeaky hinges, if that does not work, it means that they are worn and the door is, as well. In addition, loose hinges mean that your door can be easily forced open. A door that scrapes along the floor or ground when you open and close it should be looked at by a professional as old doors can warp or sag. This can lead to floor damage every time you use the door.

When you do decide to or are forced to replace your existing door with a new one, do not skimp on the hardware as it can make even the most expensive door look cheap. In addition, cheap hardware also has a shorter life and breaks more easily and quality hardware provides your home with security as a solid door is not enough to stop a break-in. Your door should have a deadbolt that is at least one inch long as well as a four-screw strike box and a faceplate with three-inch wood screws.

While they are generally designed to be permanent fixtures, door installation generally requires removing all parts of the old door and installing the new door. The process of door replacement is a little more challenging due to the existence of a variety of wall types as well as the many types of doors and accessories that are available. Therefore, it is best that it be left to the professionals. This is especially true if you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home with replacement windows and doors, as having them put in correctly is half the battle. If the door or window is not put in right, then you lose most or all of the air you were trying to save.