Many window covering sellers are feeling the pressure these days as the number of window coverings dealers is going way up. There is no secret as to why there are so many new companies selling window covering, one has to just look at the industry in order to see that there is a huge potential for making cash. Last year in this country alone, the window covering industry generated around three billion dollars, and we are only the third largest maker and seller of window coverings in the world. With the increased amount of competition on the market, window treatment sellers are wondering how they can better sell window coverings, in order to stay competitive in the current market. Using information we have compiled with a major window coverings dealer,, we have created this brief list of tips for people that are looking to sell more window coverings.

Window treatments are in such high demand that they almost sell themselves; the real trick is how to get people to take notice of a specific window coverings dealer. As we gathered out information about the window coverings market we discovered that two things were the main factor which draws potential clients to a window covering dealer. The first thing that will help bring a new client in is the price. Window treatment dealers have to be aggressive when it comes to offering really amazing deals on their products. We have found that it is far better to sell high volumes of product at a much lower price, than it is to try and sell a few items at a margin which is better for the shop. Window coverings sellers should do everything within their power to bring their prices down as low as they can go, as they will find that in the end they make more money and gain more new clients. The next major factor for winning a client’s business is the brand names that a company offers. Companies that offer custom blinds and shades from the most popular brands will have one foot way ahead of their competition. Even if shoppers don’t intend to buy a name brand window covering, just the fact that the seller they are considering offers the name brands will cause them to feel more confident in the seller. Small window covering sellers should always try and carry at least a few of the top brand sin their shops when they are getting started.

The last tip that we will offer to those who are seeking to make their window covering business grow is to visit all of the window covering trade shows that they possibly can. The window covering trade shows are not only a great place to meet tons of potential clients; they are also a great way to make contacts with large window covering providers with whom they might do business in the future. The price that a seller can offer his clients will depend largely on the trust and relationships with his providers, and trade shows are a great place to plant the seed for suture business.