This country has always relied on the excellent services which the men and women firefighters have provided it over the years. The chances are very good that at one time or another everyone has benefited from the assistance which a brave firefighter has provided them, either directly or indirectly. In the years before the federal government implemented a national firefighters program there were countless instances where entire sectors of cities were lost to fires. Today, every state and county in the country has its own fire rescue service which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to keep people and their property safe from the danger of fire. There is another, less seen area of firefighting which is of equal importance in the battle against fires, and that is the area of fire truck manufacturers. There are hundreds of amazing companies out there which work tirelessly in order to provide firefighters with new and improved fire trucks and other fire equipment, and their progress over the years has played a major role in the increased security which we enjoy against the dangers of fires of all kinds. In this article we will take a brief look in some of the ways in which the fire truck industry has evolved over time. People who wish to further investigate what the firefighting equipment and vehicle service is doing today can check out actual industry sites such as,

Perhaps the most noteworthy difference in the area of fire truck manufacturers has been the incorporation of actual fire personnel into the industry. When the leading fire truck makers first got their start they were run largely by large car makers, and they tended to operate without any intimate knowledge of the actual needs of the firefighters. Once the federal government became involved in the fire rescue program in the late 60’s, the officials imposed regulations which required that all fire engine makers have members of a firefighter’s unit on their teams. The result was an instant improvement in the quality of the custom fire apparatus production, as well as the production of their firefighting vehicles. With the needs of actual firefighters playing a big part in how fire trucks and firefighting gear was being made, the job of firefighters was made more effective and less dangerous.

The other big change that we have seen in the area of fire truck makers over the years has been the change from the use of national technology only, to having technology from across the world used in the production of firefighting vehicles. Once the firefighter truck industry woke up and realized that there were countries all across the world that could offer valuable innovations, the industry was able to take a huge step forward. In fact, many of the features which can be found on most of the firetrucks we have in the country today can be accredited to the help which has been received from overseas fire truck makers. In the world of firefighting technology, every resource, from every part of the globe must play a part in advancing the cause.