Here is what you should consider when buying a new garage door

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Buying a new garage door can be a big expense for you and your family, however it is an important one. Garage doors are a large part of the look and feel of a house from the exterior and making the right choice about the aesthetic is crucial. Aside from the look and feel, there a quite a few other considerations you should think about when buying a new residential garage door.

  • Aesthetic- The first thing to think about is what you want your garage door to look like. There are numerous different styles from sliding barn doors to more modern aluminum and glass versions to styles with windows to choose from. Depending on the style of house you have, it will affect the choice of garage door style you choose.
  • Material- Material is an important consideration for your garage door especially taking into account the climate and common weather patterns in your area. Materials like wood and aluminum will be cheaper whereas steel will be a little more expensive but more durable. Each material will have a different look and will factor into the general look and feel you want for your home. Wood will be best in older homes, aluminum and glass will be good in mid-century modern or industrial modern home and steel is fairly versatile.
  • Price point- As mentioned above, price point can vary based on material. Steel is expensive but often offers a lifetime warranty, which saves you money over time on repairs and replacements. Aluminum and wood are both less expensive, but also less durable meaning you may have to pay more money over time to repair, maintain or even replace overhead doors made of these materials.
  • Level of maintenance- Depending on your age, job, income and many other factors, you may want to think about how much maintenance certain types of garage doors will take to maintain and keep looking their best. For example, wood doors are extremely difficult to maintain because they collect dust, can splinter, can get termites, get damaged by sun, heat, snow, rain and hail and even undergo paint fading. This will require a lot of maintenance and if that isn’t something you want, you may want to consider another material such as aluminum or steel.
  • Safety features- Especially if you have children, it is important to think about the safety features of your new garage door. Garages have several possible safety features such as automatic sensor stop that will stop a garage door from shutting when something trips the sensor underneath it. There are also options to have keypad entry so you can make sure only people with the code have access into the garage. Some garages even allow for control via your phone, meaning you could open or close it from a remote location.

Your new garage door will be an important feature of your home and it is worth the time and effort to explore all the options to ensure you get something that matches the style of your home, fits your budget and provides you with the correct level of ease of maintenance and safety.