Here are the top five things that you didn’t know about DWIs and Houston DWI attorneys

If you get charged with a DWI in Houston or anywhere in Texas, then you are facing serious criminal implications based on the nature of your charge. You will need to hire a Harris County DWI lawyer immediately if you are charged with any type of alcohol and driving related charge. In fact, you will want to avoid being charged with any type of criminal behavior to the best of your ability in order to ensure that you don’t have to deal with the implications of driving under the influence in Texas! Even with your first offense alone, you will be faced with hefty charges, jail time, and a heap of probation regulations, including taking alcohol addiction classes and even anger management classes. Houston DWI lawyer

There are many things that you may not know or realize about driving under the influence in Texas. Listed hare are the top five things that you didn’t know about DWIs and Houston DWI attorneys:

  1. You can get a DWI even if you are caught sleeping your car while under the influence. If you realize that you are driving while under the influence and pull over to the side of the road to take a nap, then you can still get a DWI in Texas. In fact, you can get one even if you are sleeping in the backseat of your car if your car keys are found in your car.
  2. You have the right to refuse a field sobriety test as well as a breath test. If the officer still has probable cause to take you into the station for a blood alcohol test, then they can still take you in but you will have more time to process the alcohol. Even if the officer tries to talk you into either one of these, you can still refuse. You never have to comply with either test and the officer will need probable cause to arrest you.
  3. However, if you have been arrested already, then you must take either the blood alcohol test or the breathalyzer at the police station. The breath test has a higher margin for error where the blood tests can be analyzed by your DWI lawyer later on but you may not have a choice when you get to the station.
  4. It is vital to hire a lawyer. If you represent yourself, then you are only setting yourself up for jail time and fines. When you choose to hire a lawyer, then you are finding the right representation for your needs that can best help your case and all of the legal implications that go along with it.
  5. Never be mean to the cops! If you are pulled over and the cops don’t see a viable reason to ask for a breath test or a field sobriety test, then you may be in the clear. If you are a jerk to the cops, then they almost always will ask you to step out of the car.

As you can see, these were five things that you may have not known about Texas DWI laws. If you need a DWI lawyer, then you will want to reach out to the experts at the Thiessen Law Firm.