Get a Home Inspection.

There are so many different factors to consider when you are trying to buy or sell your home. In addition to things like the area, the price and the school districts, you have to consider the actual physical safety of the home. There are many different ways in which a home can be unsafe, which is why it is generally recommended, if not required, that you get safety inspections. A safety inspection is something that must be performed by a professional certified inspector, such as the professionals at A Better Home Inspection. There are several different aspects of safety that these home inspectors assess. Generally speaking, even if you are not moving into a new home, it is best to get a home inspection every few years.

Of the many things that a home can contain that is hazardous, among the most common and widely talked about is black mold. Black mold is a strain of mold that is found all over the world, in indoor settings. It tends to form around areas that have had water damage, and it is usually present in dark and moist areas. Black mold poses a threat, for a few reasons. The most immediate and extreme risk is that someone will have an allergic reaction to it. If you are allergic, exposure to black mold can be fatal. Even if you are not allergic, black mold is very damaging to your lungs and respiratory system in general. This is why you need to let the home inspectors look at every area of your home, in order to ensure that if there is any black mold, it will be found. Once black mold is discovered, it is usually possible to remove, although there are extreme cases in which this becomes very difficult. Generally, if you are only dealing with a little bit of surface level black mold, it is possible to clean it off with a special chemical solution. After several rounds of this treatment and a new paint job, the black mold should not come back. Some Colorado home inspector services also provide black mold removal, which is usually not terribly expensive, unless the damage is very severe and extensive.

Black mold is not the only difficult to detect hazard that can be lurking within your home. Another very severe type of hazard that can be found inside homes is radon, which is actually even harder to detect than black mold. While black mold is visible to the naked eye, radon is a completely tasteless, odorless and colorless gas that is the result of radioactive decay, which occurs within soil. The radon particles then seep up from the ground and into the basement of the home. Because of this fact, radon is usually at its highest levels on the lower floors of buildings. If radon testing does reveal that high levels of radon is present, you will have to have radon mitigation performed, in order to eliminate the radon problem, before it causes serious harm.