Electrical Safety: Two Prong, or Not Two Prong

There are many safety issues to consider in your home. Not the least of which are your outlets. These are a thing we often take for granted, but, especially in older homes, that can be a danger waiting to happen. This little part of your home can pose a threat if not taken seriously. It’s easy to look at these plug, and not understand the risk they pose. Many older homes are equipped with two prong electrical outlets, and they are less than up to standard. An Piper Electric can help out with these issues.

The Background:

Popularized in the 1960’s, two prong outlets lack the grounding feature of their newer three pronged counter parts. These outlets are adequate for some uses, but they can quickly become overloaded, as they are not meant for the more taxing load of today’s appliances and gadgets. While modern properties ought to be in good shape, there are lots of residences available with the outdated two prong outlet. It’s always good to consult an electrical contractor for what may work for you.

A Dubious Quick Fix:

You may be convinced to buy adapters that convert two-prong outlets to three prong plugs, as this is a quick fix. You need to fight the urge to use these so-called “cheater plugs” as simply skipping the ground wire creates a threat that is potentially significant.

Long Term Solution:

In regards to replacing two prong outlets, there are a few options. You could replace the outlet with a three prong, but this requires extensive re-wiring. This is an option if you are going for an extensive remodel, but can prove to be labor intensive as a standalone project. This is something you’ll want to complete eventually, but, in the meantime, there are other options.

Short Term Option:

You can install or have ground cult circuit interrupter outlets, or GFCIs installed. These could be a viable alternative to upgrading the internal wiring. However, these are not a long term solution as they would still be two prong until you upgraded the internal wiring. This type of outlet has the ability to shutoff in case of a jolt to the area. This is an important feature as it can help to curb an issue which can cause a fire. Fires are one of the biggest possibilities from this type of issue. As with many things, a short term solution is just that: short term. Not something that will fix the issue over the long term. You should com-template this fix, and look into getting something to work long term. The option listed in the previous paragraph is something an electrical contractor could install for you.

Outlets are just one of many concerns in household electrical issues. You should plan to have a check up for your home, if you have two prong outlets. These can blossom into much deeper issues over time, and, if safety is a concern for you, have them check sooner than later. Have a check up with a professional, and make an informed decision from there.