Different Labradoodle Health Issues you Need to Watch out For

If you are considering getting an adorable dog such as a labradoodle puppy you will need to make sure that you are fully prepared to have one because labradoodles also need to be properly taken care of so that they will grow up healthy. Because labradoodles have become so popular there are a number of irresponsible and careless breeders selling them which can result in pups that are unhealthy and not well taken care of. So if you are considering getting one, make sure you go to a reputable breeder.

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black labradoodle puppy

Other than knowing where you should get your labradoodle, it is also important to be well informed about any health concerns regarding labradoodles. Although labradoodle dogs are generally healthy animals, there are also health issues which they are prone to. So that you will be informed, here are different labradoodle health issues that you need to watch out for.

1.) Allergies – Labradoodles are prone to allergies whether it is food allergies, contact allergies, or inhalant allergies. It is very important that you be cautious about the products your dog uses and the food he eats. They might be exposed to an allergen which can risk their health.

2.) Diabetes Mellitus – Just like humans, dogs can also develop diabetes which occurs when the dog’s body cannot properly regulate its levels of blood sugar. Watch out for any excessive thirst and urination in your labradoodle puppy which are symptoms of this issue.

3.) Ear infection – Since labradoodle dogs have long floppy ears there is a big chance that moisture can easily get trapped inside their ears. When this happens and the moisture builds up, it provides a perfect environment for bacteria to grow leading to an ear infection.

4.) Epilepsy – Epilepsy is also another health issue which can plague your labradoodle dog. If you notice that your labradoodle dog starts to display unusual behavior like hiding away or he staggers you may want to get him checked at the vet for epilepsy.

5.) Hip Dysplasia – This health issue is something which is inherited and results in the dog’s thigh bone not fitting well into the joint of his hip. Before you get your labradoodle you might want to make sure that he has been tested for that problem from the breeder.

6.) Elbow Dysplasia – Similar to hip dysplasia only that this issue affects the dogs elbow joints and that it isn’t something that is congenital. Labradoodle puppies who suffer from this health issue may become lame or experience arthritis later on.

7.) Hypothyroidism – This health issue is a disorder in the thyroid gland of the labradoodle. Dogs that have hypothyroidism may develop other health issues such as epilepsy, alopecia, lethargy, pyoderma, obesity, etc. Thankfully, this can be treated through proper diet and medicine.

8.) Progressive Retinal Atrophy – Dogs who suffer from progressive retinal atrophy will start to slow go blind since this health issue affects the retina of the dog. This will begin with night blindness until the dog becomes fully blind after the retinas have really deteriorated.