Busting Five Myths about Houston Staffing

After one graduates obviously the first thing on one’s mind should be looking for a job. However, there are still many college grads that have found themselves without a job even after six months since graduation. At this point any college student would probably consider anything even if it means not making use of one’s degree. However, despite that, there are still students who do not even want to consider finding a job through agency recruiters. But why is it so? Why do fresh grads avoid something that could help them find a job?

houston staffing


Well first let’s take a look at staffing agencies. Through a staffing company, people are able to gain access to companies that are hiring. If you were to go to a staffing agency, you can either find a temporary or temporary-to-hire job with a company, or you can actually get a full time job with that company. Certainly anyone who is having a hard time looking for a job would turn to a staffing agency for help. Despite ninety percent of companies in the US only forty percent of employees use one when looking for their first job.

Probably the main reason why many employees dislike heading to a staffing agency for help in looking for a job is because there are a number of misleading myths surrounding getting a job through an agency. Well today, we are going to bust five of those myths and clarify things about staffing agencies.

1.) You won’t find “real” jobs – The jobs that you find when working with agency recruiters are certainly real. The companies that you will have access to are all real companies. Although the job you will get is temporary, if the company decides to open it for full time, then you can take the opportunity.

2.) The jobs are low paying – Being a fresh college graduate, you will get jobs that are entry level and in line with whatever experience you have. It all really is up to you in using that job as an opportunity to push your career even further.

3.) Agencies only work with entry level people – Probably two decades ago this was the case. However today, there are staffing agencies that also work with employees who have more experience and help offer more opportunities and a wider variety of jobs in the industry that they are looking to work in.

4.) The assignments only go for a couple of weeks – Well in reality that will depend on the assignment itself. If you as an employee will really exert effort in your job and your efforts become recognized then most likely you will be able to land that job at a full time basis.

5.) The job doesn’t have any benefits – Well this is not really true. Depending on the agency recruiters that you are going to work with, you will be able to enjoy a variety of benefits just like any job landed without the help of a staffing agency including insurance, bonuses, etc.