Here is what you should consider when buying a new garage door

overhead doors

Buying a new garage door can be a big expense for you and your family, however it is an important one. Garage doors are a large part of the look and feel of a house from the exterior and making the right choice about the aesthetic is crucial. Aside from the look and feel, there a quite a few other considerations you should think about when buying a new residential garage door.

  • Aesthetic- The first thing to think about is what you want your garage door to look like. There are numerous different styles from sliding barn doors to more modern aluminum and glass versions to styles with windows to choose from. Depending on the style of house you have, it will affect the choice of garage door style you choose.
  • Material- Material is an important consideration for your garage door especially taking into account the climate and common weather patterns in your area. Materials like wood and aluminum will be cheaper whereas steel will be a little more expensive but more durable. Each material will have a different look and will factor into the general look and feel you want for your home. Wood will be best in older homes, aluminum and glass will be good in mid-century modern or industrial modern home and steel is fairly versatile.
  • Price point- As mentioned above, price point can vary based on material. Steel is expensive but often offers a lifetime warranty, which saves you money over time on repairs and replacements. Aluminum and wood are both less expensive, but also less durable meaning you may have to pay more money over time to repair, maintain or even replace overhead doors made of these materials.
  • Level of maintenance- Depending on your age, job, income and many other factors, you may want to think about how much maintenance certain types of garage doors will take to maintain and keep looking their best. For example, wood doors are extremely difficult to maintain because they collect dust, can splinter, can get termites, get damaged by sun, heat, snow, rain and hail and even undergo paint fading. This will require a lot of maintenance and if that isn’t something you want, you may want to consider another material such as aluminum or steel.
  • Safety features- Especially if you have children, it is important to think about the safety features of your new garage door. Garages have several possible safety features such as automatic sensor stop that will stop a garage door from shutting when something trips the sensor underneath it. There are also options to have keypad entry so you can make sure only people with the code have access into the garage. Some garages even allow for control via your phone, meaning you could open or close it from a remote location.

Your new garage door will be an important feature of your home and it is worth the time and effort to explore all the options to ensure you get something that matches the style of your home, fits your budget and provides you with the correct level of ease of maintenance and safety.

Digital marketing agencies look for these types of employees


As a new college graduate looking for a job at a digital marketing agency, you are probably curious about what you can do to ensure you get hired at the company of your dreams. In this day and age, companies all over the world are looking for candidates who can help them increase their digital presence, cultivate their online reputation and keep them at the forefront of trends in the media and on the internet. There are so many college graduates leaving college with degrees in things like marketing, communications, public relations, graphic design and more, all of which are highly coveted for online marketing agencies. If you are looking to get a leg up on the competition, here are a few things that companies are looking for in the perfect candidate.

  • Someone who is comfortable with emerging online trends- The internet landscape is always changing and growing. New social media platforms, trends and campaigns emerge daily, meaning it is critical for any new hire to be not only aware of them, but master them quickly and efficiently. As an extra boost, the best candidate will be able to take the next step and provide more comprehensive strategy regarding which of the emerging social media platforms, trends and campaigns will actually be effective and useful for the company. If you can articulate your ability to see the big picture and be an asset in both the short and long term, you will be in the running for a position.
  • Someone who is good at in person communication as well as online- Particularly important for young candidates is the ability to communicate professionally in person as well as online. This means that your resume, cover letter and online presence must be well-cultivated and professional, but you must also be able to shine in person. The younger generation has notoriously been criticized for their inability to be professional and commanding in person, simply because so much of their lives has been driven by digital communication over in person communication. If you have a particular skill at mature, commanding, in person communication, you will be in a good place to get hired over other candidates.
  • Someone who has superior writing skills- Similar to in person communication, many companies believe that writing is a lost art in the younger generation. This is likely because so many are used to social media and character limits, meaning they haven’t had the need to write longer pieces like white papers and strategic plans. If you have any experience doing any of these things or are particularly skilled at writing, this is something to highlight as it is not often seen in younger candidates.

As you look for a career at a place like Newton Design and Marketing, keep in mind that you need to be clear about your skills not only in new and emerging technologies, but in traditional business tactics as well. If you show a company you can help bring them into the future while still being a good representation of their company, you will have a good chance of being hired.

Top 5 degrees to get if you want to work as a business broker

business broker

Business brokerage is a rapidly growing industry that provides brokers with comfortable livings and a way to influence the business community in their city or state. To be a business broker requires a few different skill sets. For example, a successful business broker will have business savvy, some accounting skills, legal knowledge, marketing skills and people skills. If you think that being a business broker might be the right career path for you, there are a few different educational paths you can take to make sure you are getting the kind of skills you might need in order to be successful. The below list will give a few ideas of degrees you can look at attaining to be a business broker.

  1. Business- This degree probably seems the most obvious, but it will also be the most comprehensive as far as understanding what it takes to manage a business from top to bottom. With a solid understanding of how a business runs, you will be an asset to anyone looking to buy or sell businesses.
  2. Marketing- Being a business broker is really about being a good marketer. It is a business broker’s job to post an anonymous listing for the business and make it seem enticing to potential buyers. Then, you have to work with potential buyers to answer questions and sell them on the business. A marketing degree will help you learn the most effective ways to keep people interested and engaged in what you’re selling.
  3. Finance- It is no surprise that a business based on buying and selling would be heavily reliant on knowledge of finance and money. A finance degree will help you understand the unique logistics of the role of money on those who are looking to buy business. It can be particularly helpful knowledge as you advise potential buyers and sellers.
  4. Business Law- There is a lot of financial and contractual components to business brokerage and a business law degree will cover both aspects. For example, as you help potential buyers and sellers with contracts, you will be able to explain to them certain provisions as well as help them make decisions that will be mutually beneficial.
  5. Real Estate- Another obvious choice when buying and selling business, particularly brick and mortar businesses, real estate knowledge can be extremely helpful when aiding people in buying and selling businesses. Many people such as business owners or potential business owners will have the business experience, but not the real estate experience which will make you an asset as they look to choose a business broker.

Business brokerage is a growing and thriving business, but it is also very competitive. It is helpful to have a good educational background when going into the industry so that you can be an asset to those that may hire you. If you have a degree that lends itself to buying and selling businesses successfully, you will be able to create a robust list of clients and get numerous referrals in your community. These tactics will help you succeed as a business broker if it is what you want to do as a career.

5 benefits of acupuncture treatment

acupuncture treatmentIf you have ever suffered from tension in your shoulders or neck, terrible headaches, or other instances of pain or tightness in your body, you may have considered getting acupuncture. Acupuncture is the use of very thin needles to stimulate different parts of the body such as muscles. Generally, acupuncture is used to treat chronic pain, but has been shown to positively affect the body in numerous different ways. In fact, acupuncture works on neurotransmitters, which are a big part of how your brain and body interact. Here are just a few of the ways visiting an acupuncture clinic could benefit you.

Targeted pain relief- The majority of people first seek out acupuncture treatment when dealing with chronic or persistent pain. This can include migraines, shoulder pain, neck pain, lower back pain, knee pain and more. Acupuncture has been shown especially effective as a fibromyalgia treatment because fibromyalgia affects soft tissue and muscles by causing pain, soreness and tightness that make it difficult for the patient to function from day to day. Acupuncture is particularly appropriate for treating soft tissue and muscle pain, making it an excellent tool to help with pain management for those suffering from fibromyalgia.

Weight loss-In many cases, those who participate in regular acupuncture treatment have experienced weight loss. Usually ranging from 5-10 pounds over the course of a few weeks or months, it’s likely that an overall increase in health, wellness and systems function within the body is responsible for this. Also, those who regularly get acupuncture are more likely to be mindful about their diet and overall health, which can contribute to weight loss as well. Some patients even say that acupuncture works as a way to curb cravings and help people make better food choices. 

Immune boost- Studies show that acupuncture needles can positively affect and activate the immune system, particularly cells that work to fight off infection in the body. With a healthier immune system, you’ll not only feel better, but also be more capable to resist colds, flus and more.

Better sleep- Many patients go to acupuncturists for insomnia, but some who go for a different reason notice better sleep as an added benefit as well. Sleep improves because there is less pain in the body, but also because acupuncture needles can affect neurotransmitters in the brain that make it easier for you to feel calm and relaxed, making sleep inevitable.

Mood regulation- Neurotransmitters serve many purposes in the brain and body, and one of those purposes is mood regulation. Studies show that with regular acupuncture treatment, the neurotransmitters responsible for making you feel happy are activated. This can be helpful when treating depression, trauma, PTSD and more. Even if you aren’t suffering from depression, an increase in happiness-boosting neurotransmitters like serotonin can benefit everyone.

While acupuncture for pain management is a great start, there are tons of additional ways acupuncture can prove to be effective in overall health and wellness management too. When all systems of the body are functioning at their highest level, you will feel and perform at your best.


Cosmetic dentistry can make dating easier

cosmetic dentistry

Imagine you are going on a first date with a new crush. You wear your favorite outfit, your hair looks great and you are armed with tons of interesting stories and hilarious jokes to tell them. You arrive at the restaurant and you see your date waiting for you. They look just as excited as you feel. You approach them, overcome with a joy that makes you want to grin from ear to ear, but then—oh no! Your smile is atrocious. You’re so embarrassed by your crooked, chipped teeth that you spend the majority of the date trying to discreetly cover your mouth. You can hardly focus on what your date is saying because you are too busy worrying if they’ve noticed your lackluster smile. Chances are, they have. In fact, studies show that smiles are one of the very first things men and women notice in a potential partner. If you lack confidence in your smile, you could be reducing your chances of finding a relationship. No one should have to go through life feeling afraid to smile and many dental professionals, like those at Incredible Smiles, believe in helping people achieve their best smile.

Braces and other types of orthodontia are common for children and can make a positive difference in a young person’s mouth. The reality is, however, that braces or other types of dental hardware are inconvenient and embarrassing for many adults. Braces and expanders often take much longer to produce results, making it an undesirable option for adults. Instead, many opt for cosmetic dentistry to help them achieve a beautiful smile they feel good about.

Consulting with a cosmetic dentist can provide you with numerous options about how to go about fixing your smile. Whether your concern is crooked teeth, chipped teeth, discoloration, disproportionate teeth or something else, a professional cosmetic dentist will be able to provide you with options for giving you a whole new smile and whole new you.

Many adults are partial to cosmetic veneers, which are customized caps that fit over your natural teeth. Veneers can completely change the look of a person’s smile and face. In fact, numerous celebrities like Nicholas Cage, Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, Zac Efron and Chris Rock, just to name a few, have had veneers put on.

Now reimagine a date with your crush. You’re dressed in your best outfit, your hair is perfect and you are so excited. You walk in to see them, equally excited to see you. Then you flash a dazzling, white smile, enchanting them. You spend the date laughing together and your date compliments your smile more than once. This kind of confidence should be available to everyone on a date and if your smile is a reason you are not able to be as confident as you should be, know that there are many solutions that can help. Cosmetic dentistry is a long lasting and effective fix for your smile. Your new smile will soon become your favorite feature about yourself, and probably your date’s favorite too!

There are many benefits to hydro-excavation


Hydro-excavation is the preferred method of large scale digging in industrial situations. Hydro-excavation uses pressurized water to loosen sediment and soil surrounding pipes, wires and other underground or subterranean utilities that need to be examined, repaired or replaced. Once this soil is moved away from pipes, wires or underground utilities, the debris-filled water is displaced into a tanker so that workers can have easy, clean access to the pipes, wires or underground utilities they need to work on.

One of the main benefits of hydro-excavation is that it is one of the cleanest ways to expose pipes and wires underground. With regular digging or other methods, dust and debris is kicked up and can still cling to the utilities, making it difficult to work with. Plus, dusty air makes it tough for workers to get their job done because it makes it hard for them to see, breathe and work.

Another benefit of hydro-excavation services is that it is the most accurate method of exposing pipes and wires, which is why it has become the preferred method in recent years. Water is a precise tool and can be aimed and pressurized to expose exactly the right amount and portion of the pipe needed by workers. Due to the fact that it is so precise, it is also one of the safest methods. When pipes, wires or other underground utilities are fully exposed and easy to access, there are less injuries on the job caused by not being able to fully access or see the utilities. Additionally, hydro-excavation doesn’t damage the pipes or wires, meaning there is no danger of busted pipes or costly repairs.

When working on a project that requires this kind of work, crews are very aware of cost. Many companies have budgeted carefully for the work and cannot afford to pay extra for more crew members or more days on the job. If, for example, a pipe was to break due to another method of exposing it, additional workers would have to be brought in to repair the pipe, more hours would be logged and more materials would be needed to do the work, all before the initial job the crew was hired for could even begin. This could be a huge setback for any company, not only financially, but from a time perspective. Any type of construction or infrastructure jobs are usually on a very tight timeline and with so many ways this timeline can be affected; crews want to make sure that they are doing everything they can to stick to the original timeline.

Professionals like those at Overley’s Vacuum Truck Service understand how important it is to get the job done quickly and to get the job done right. They respect your timeline and you budget, which are arguably the two most important things in a construction project. An efficient hydro-excavation team can make the job easier, safer and faster for laborers and construction crews, which will ultimately lead to happier customers at the completion of the project, whatever that may be.