Local alternative medicine producers and sellers such as, www.liddell.net have composed a list of the most sought after natural remedies of 2016, and we have obtained a copy of the information of the most popular alternative medicines being used today. Here we will list some of the best-selling products on the market right now, as well as why they have become so popular.

The number one product in alternative medicine last year was honey drops used for treating cough and cold symptoms. People often forget that honey is one of the most common ingredients in homeopathic remedies that exist. Honey has been used for thousands of years to treat all sorts of illnesses, and there are even accounts of ancient Greeks using honey to treat infections and other sicknesses. Honey has a lot of healing properties which the body is low on when cold and coughs set in, and so a honey drop is the perfect solution to these sorts of problems. Not only does a honey drop provide a lot of healing elements to a sick person, honey is also a natural soothing agent, so people with colds can take them to calm their coughs. To give our readers a better idea of just how much honey the homeopathic remedies industry uses each year we look at the fact that the current largest producer of honey in the country today is a homeopathic remedies company. Besides honey drops, there are dozens of other types of natural remedies which use honey as their main ingredient.

Natural relief provided by mint rubs were the second best-selling product from the homeopathic remedies industry last year. It was only a few years ago that a small homeopathic remedies company based out of California began to use mint extract in their body rub solutions. Everyone knows that mint has relaxing properties, but they are usually employed in alternative relief solutions that are drunk or eaten. The mint rubs which have become so popular today are used to treat muscle and back pains from the outside. Professional athletes have even started using mint rubs after and before bug games, and the sight of a mint cream in the offices of back specialist has become very common nowadays. One of the best thing about using a mint rub on aching body parts, besides that it works, is the cream is so cheap to produce. Mint is a very easily grown and harvested plant, so its production cost is always low. The main selling muscle rubs on the market today are all three and four times as expensive as the basic mint rubs. People with pain issue can afford to treat their pains with mint rubs and creams as often as they like. Since mint creams are made from 100 percent natural ingredients, they are safe to use as often as needed. Finally, part of the popularity of mint rubs must be attributed to the fact that they leave their user smelling so fresh and clean. Anyone with aches and pains owns it to themselves to try a mint run at least once.