Yoga Teacher: Yoga is Good for Mental Health

The practice of yoga has been around for quite some time but it hasn’t faded into history. Many people today are getting into yoga and seeking yoga teachers to guide them yoga class and along their journey as a yogi. Doing yoga is becoming popular because it has a number of benefits. Doing yoga can be quite a challenge as it pushes your body physically. But although yoga is mostly about stretches and poses, it also involves exercising the mind. Today, we are going to look into ten mental health benefits you can get from doing yoga.

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  • Improved happiness – According to studies, doing yoga can actually make you happier. This is evident in the increase of serotonin in the body as well as the increase in activity in the prefrontal cortex in the left hemisphere of the brain resulting in increased happiness.
  • Increased focus – Being able to focus is an important part in performing yoga. It has been shown through studies that doing yoga regularly helps improve one’s memory, coordination, reaction time, and even heightens one’s IQ.
  • Induces relaxation – The practice of yoga encourages relaxation through the slowing of one’s breath and focusing more. This results in the lowering of one’s heart rate and decreased blood pressure while overall helps one relax easier.
  • Improves quality of sleep – Life can be very stressful and this can lead to one being uneasy and having trouble sleeping. By doing yoga, you can better relax yourself and distress allowing one to sleep a lot better at night.
  • Gives peace of mind – One can easily think about a lot of stuff with lots of things going on in our lives. Fortunately, the practice of yoga with a yoga teacher can help give peace to our minds. All the emotions one feels can be controlled by performing yoga.
  • Heightens self-esteem – Practicing yoga can help increase one’s self-esteem which is helpful for many people today who don’t have much confidence in themselves. Looking towards yoga will help you get in touch with yourself better and become a lot more confident.
  • Provides inner strength – Performing yoga requires passion, determination, and other qualities in order to keep going. By practicing regularly, you will improve these qualities and become not only physically strong but mentally strong as well.
  • Gives you guidance – Doing yoga will get you in touch with a yoga teacher. By working with a good yoga teacher you will be able to have a mentor who will not only see to it that you are performing the poses properly but to guide and motivate you as well.
  • Builds self-awareness – Performing the poses and transitioning between them can help you feel more in control of your body and your mind keeping yourself focused. This makes you more aware of yourself and what you are really capable of.
  • Promotes self-care – Many people turn to yoga to be able to better themselves in terms of health. This results in one being more caring about one’s self and respond to certain ailments much better.