The International Student Recruitment Process

The constant development of technology and the ever-growing financial possibilities of individuals from all over the world have led to International Education becoming one of the largest and fastest growing economic sectors of modern society. This newly developed mobility of student populations worldwide has created a new market.

This has determined universities to compete with each other in order to attract students in greater numbers. Unfortunately, many of these academic institutions simply do not have the logistic resources needed to sustain large recruitment campaigns.

In order to take care of this new demand, various companies that provide student recruitment services have appeared. These have the purpose of designing and running recruitment campaigns in the name of their client-universities, as well as providing step-by-step orientation for those who are interested of studying abroad.

International student Classes

What does a student recruitment company offer?

Businesses such as FPP EDU Media essentially function as intermediaries between the future university students that are looking for opportunities to study abroad, and the academic institutions that seek to sign them up.

From a functional point of view, these companies can either organize independent events that are designed in order to inform the student populations of the facilities, degrees and opportunities offered by certain universities, or they can participate in massive international fairs in the name of their clients. These are only some of the short term services that they offer.

When it comes to long-term services, international student recruitment companies offer complex recruitment solution that can last up to a few years. From technological communication channels that allow potential students to access information regarding various universities more easily, to large campaigns that can take place across several countries. Structurally speaking, these have a lot in common with product marketing campaigns.

In the case of these businesses, the campaigns are meant to inform the student population of:

  • What the client-universities offer in terms of facilities an educational opportunities;
  • The conditions that the students must meet in order to be eligible for an international program;
  • The procedures and taxes that must be taken into consideration in order to enroll into a university;

Companies such as FPP Edu Media use a variety of means in order to better communicate with their target groups. These include the use of apps, newsletters, articles, videos, and large events such as student recruitment fairs. All of these are usually interconnected an all the data collected is sent to the clients.

Why are student recruitments companies invaluable for international study programs?

Most universities have a limited reach in terms of national and international student recruitment, and while on a national level this can be helped without much effort, doing so abroad is more difficult. The services offered by these businesses give academic institutions the ability to connect with student populations from across the globe without spending massive amounts of money.

Furthermore, the majority of the student recruitment companies offer complete services, in the sense that after organizing the events necessary to inform individuals also help the ones who are interested in their clients get in contact with them.

In the last decade, these companies have helped universities from all over the world increase their international enrollment rate up to the point where distance seems to no longer be a factor.

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