Neck Pain Management Tips

neck pain managementIf you are someone who has been in an accident or who has any type of physical condition that causes you to have neck pain, you know how difficult it can be to live with it. You may have tried different neck pain management techniques with varying degrees of success, and you may even be on medication to help deal with the pain. If this is a struggle you are going through, there are some tips that doctors recommend that can help you manage pain even more.

  • Posture: Although this might not be of much help for people with chronic conditions, those of you who suffer from mild neck pain could benefit from adjusting your posture. Many times, neck pain is caused by sitting in one position for too long. It can happen to people who work at a desk all day or those who do physically taxing jobs. Ensuring your spine is aligned correctly will help prevent pain. One of the most common causes of neck pain is what is called forward head posture, which is when your back is curved inward and your head is hanging over your chest. This can wreak havoc on your spine and can cause severe pain.
  • Hot and Cold Packs: For those of you who have been in an accident or have injured your necks, applying hot and cold packs can provide some relief. Right after you receive an injury, you should use only ice, applying it for 20 minutes or so and then resting. After a day, add hot packs to this, alternating with cold packs. Of course, you should always consult with your doctor before following this neck pain management technique to ensure that you do not have more severe injuries that need other treatments.
  • Exercises: There are certain exercises that can help relieve neck pain. These can include chin tucks and rolls, where you carefully roll your head from one side to the other. A chin tuck is done by pulling your chin back, as if someone were pulling your head with string, holding it there for a few seconds and releasing. Another option is the scalene stretch. You can do this by placing one hand on your collarbone and turning your head in the opposite direction. Hold the position for a few seconds, return to the center, and go in the opposite direction. This helps relieve tightness in the scalene muscles, which can many times be the cause of pain.

All of these tips can help relieve mild neck pain. If you find that the pain is persistent or gets worse, it is important to turn to a doctor who can tell you what the cause is and how to alleviate the pain. A clinic like Baltimore Pain Relief Center can be the perfect place, since they specialize in neck pain and back pain management. Take the time to consult with an expert in order to find the best treatment options that can relieve your discomfort in the safest possible manner.