Selling on has never been easier

Statistics show that more people are starting their own businesses now than ever before. Part of this is due to the fact that the rise of e-commerce has made it easier and more  affordable for a person to go into business for themselves. Sometimes a person will create a small side business and sell their goods in a Consumer to Consumer (C2C) fashion on a site like Etsy or EBay. Other times they may form their own formal business and engage in other types of e-commerce, such as selling raw materials to other businesses (business to business e-commerce or B2B.) Or perhaps they will engage in the most common type of e-commerce, Business to consumer or B2C, which allows them to sell many of their products or services to any individuals that have internet access. No matter what kind of e-commerce a person running their startup decides to engage in, the point is that it is now easier than ever before for a person to establish their very own business and for them to be successful at it. The internet has opened up doorways for the small business person that allows them to create their own space in the world of online sales, right alongside the corporate giants.

One way that this has shown itself to be true is that many large national retailers will now allow smaller businesses to list their products on their websites, so if a small business wants to sell on or some other large national retailer, then it is now possible for them to do so. This is possible now in part because a small business does not have to commit to manufacturing and distributing their product to all of the many different locations of a retailer all across the nation in order to have a purchasing deal.  Instead, a company can sell on simply by creating the relationship with the retailer and selling their product in the online space only. They may still be responsible for the manufacturing of their own products, but instead of providing a huge payment up front in order to manufacture, distribute and stock product in all of the national stores, they can instead ship directly to the consumer when an item is ordered. This saves them on both on manufacturing and distribution fees, and they do not have to have the same huge amount of product manufactured up front as they would if they were trying to put their product in all of the stores.

In times past, if a business person wanted to get their product in front of the eyes of a potential consumer, then they had to find a way to get it on the shelf at their local store. Now, a person can get the visibility that their product needs simply by using e-commerce to market and sell it. They can sell directly on sites such as, but they are also not limited to just one company or website to list their products.